Announcing the Water Institute's new bi-weekly newsletter,

Announcing the Water Institute’s new bi-weekly newsletter, “The Droplet”

The Water Institute is excited to present its new bi-weekly newsletter, “The Droplet”, to further foster a shared UF community around water. This newsletter will consolidate Water Institute announcements for the community as we seek to serve our affiliate faculty, staff, and students. “The Droplet” will bring you the latest Water Institute news and upcoming events, feature community announcements, present a curated list of open funding sources relevant to faculty and students, and showcase opportunities for jobs, volunteer work, and internships for postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates.
By sharing this information and resources, we hope to foster a more robust and interconnected community around water. If you have information related to any of these categories that you’d like to share with the community, please reach out to our Communications and Event specialist, Sarah Marc, at Join us in creating a comprehensive resource that reflects the collaborative spirit of our community!

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January 17, 2024