Coordinating Committee

The Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration program is managed by the Hydrologic Sciences Coordinating Committee (HSCC), comprised of six elected faculty members (one representing each of the six hydrologic sciences topics) who serve three-year terms. A doctoral student serves as a student representative for a one-year term. The Director of the Water Institute serves as an additional permanent voting member of the HSCC. One of the elected faculty members on the committee serves as chair.

Water Institute Director

Matt Cohen

Student Representative

Seyed Mostafa Biazar Seighalani

Rotation A

Surface Hydrology (Term 2021-2024):
David Kaplan, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Analysis and Techniques (Term 2021-2024):
Young Gu Her, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Rotation B

Hydrologic Biology (Term 2022-2025):
A.J. Reisinger, Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences, Chair

Hydrologic Policy (Term 2023-2026):
Olesya Savchenko, Food and Resource Economics Department

Rotation C

Subsurface Hydrology (Term 2024-2027):
Sandra Guzmán, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Hydrologic Chemistry (Term 2024-2027):
Jonathan Judy, Soil, Water, & Ecosystem Sciences