2023 Graduate Student Research Award

Research Awards provide financial support to UF graduate students conducting water-related research to enhance their research (e.g. add a field season or field site, collaborate with a new research group, add an interdisciplinary dimension to their research, etc).

Learn about our 2023 Water Institute Research Awardees

Award Details

  • UF graduate students can request up to $5,000 to augment their research
  • Funds will be available to use during the 2024 calendar year

Eligibility Criteria

Application Materials

  • 1 – 2 page project description describing proposed research goals and activities (including how the award will augment their on-going research)
  •  Budget description with justification (see budget template)
    • funds may be used for stipends if sufficiently justified on the budget description, funds may not be used for travel to present research
  • CV
  • Letter of support from faculty advisor
  • Letter from host institution (if doing research at an off-campus site)

Review Criteria

  • Importance of the proposed research goals and activities
  • Proposed activities are necessary and sufficient to accomplish research goals
  • Student has the background knowledge/training/experience to accomplish the proposed research 
  • The level of effort is appropriate for the proposed timeline and budget
  • Strength of support from graduate advisor and external host/institution (if applicable)


  • Acknowledgement of Water Institute support on poster/presentation
  • Present research at a Water Institute event (e.g., seminar or symposium)
  • Submit report to Water Institute 


Paloma Carton de Grammont
Assistant Director 


October 2, 2023

Decision Date

November 7, 2023