The Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration (HSAC) is available to both Masters and Ph.D. degree students. The programs require students to complete a core curriculum in Hydrologic Sciences, which comprises courses in the following six Topics: (1) Subsurface Hydrology; (2) Surface Hydrology; (3) Hydrologic Chemistry; (4) Hydrologic Ecology; (5) Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques; and (6) Hydrologic Policy & Management.

Graduate students are required to complete 12 credit hours by taking one subsurface hydrology course from Topic 1 and one surface hydrology course from Topic 2, and at least one course in two of the four remaining Topics. Courses may be transferred in from non-UF Master’s programs via the petition process. Transfer credit must be approved by the University of Florida before being considered as a course for the concentration. A minimum of 50% of the courses for the concentration must be taken at the University of Florida to satisfy concentration requirements. Undergraduate courses will not be used to satisfy requirements for the concentration. 

HSAC courses are listed and categorized in the table below.  Although some courses may be listed in multiple topic areas, no course can simultaneously count toward more than one topic area in a student’s plan of study.  The set of courses selected for a student’s plan of study must be from at least 2 different departments.
*Course offered online

Topic 1

Subsurface Hydrology
ABE 6265 Vadose Zone Water and Solute Transport Modeling
CWR 5125 Groundwater Flow 1
CWR 6537 Contaminant Subsurface Hydrology
GLY 5247 Surface and Groundwater Interactions*
GLY 5827 Groundwater Geology*
SWS 5605C Environmental Soil Physics*

Topic 2

Surface Hydrology
ABE 6017 Stochastic Modeling in Ecology and Hydrology
ABE 6254 Simulation of Agricultural Watersheds*
AOM 6736 Principles and Issues in Environmental Hydrology*
CGN 6905 Special Problems in Civil Engineering (Urban Stormwater System Design)*
CWR 5235 Open Channel Hydraulics
CWR 6116 Advanced Surface Hydrology*
EGM 5816 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics
ENV 6416 Advanced Stormwater Control*
ENV 6508 Wetland Hydrology*
EOC 6196 Littoral Processes
GEO 6282 Fluvial Morphology and Processes
OCP 6050 Physical Oceanography
OCP 6295 Estuarine and Shelf Hydrodynamics 1
SWS 6932 Topics in Soils (Landscape Hydrology)
SWS 6932 Conservation Hydrology

Topic 3

Hydrologic Chemistry
ABE 6266 Nanotechnology in Water Research*
CWR 6252 Environmental Biochemistry of Trace Metals*
EES 6208 Principles of Water Chemistry 1*
ENV 6435 Advanced Water Treatment Process Design*
ENV 6437 Advanced Wastewater System Design
ENV 6438 Advanced Potable Water Systems Design*
ENV 6439 Activated Carbon: Environmental Design and Application
GLY 5245 Hydrogeochemistry
SWS 5115 Environmental Nutrient Management*
SWS 5224 Environmental Biogeochemistry*
SWS 5248 Wetlands and Water Quality*
SWS 5406 Soil and Water Chemistry
SWS 6448 Biogeochemistry of Wetlands and Aquatic Systems*
SWS 6456 Advanced Biogeochemistry

Topic 4

Hydrologic Biology
EES 5305C Ecology and General Systems
ENV 6932 Coastal Systems
FAS 5203C Biology of Fishes
FAS 5276C Field Ecology of Aquatic Organisms
FAS 6154 Marine Adaptations: Environmental Physiology
FAS 6171 Applied Phycology
FAS 6932 Freshwater Ecology*
FNR 6564 Ecohydrology
PCB 5307C Limnology
SWS 5248 Wetlands and Water Quality*
SWS 5308 Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens*

Topic 5

Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques
ABE 5646 Biological and Agricultural Systems Simulation
ABE 5648 Modeling Coupled Natural-Human Systems*
ABE 5707C Agricultural Waste Management
ABE 6017 Stochastic Modeling in Ecology and Hydrology*
ABE 6035 Advanced Remote Sensing: Science and Sensors
ABE 6037C Remote Sensing in Hydrology
ABE 6252 Advanced Soil and Water Management Engineering*
ABE 6840 Data Diagnostics: Detecting and Characterizing Deterministic Structure in Time Series Data
ABE 6933 Special Topics in Agricultural and Biological Engineering: STAT/MACHINE LEARNING*
CWR 6126 Variable-Density Groundwater Flow
EES 6309 Wetland Treatment Systems*
ENV 6511 Biological Wastewater Treatment*
EOC 6850 Numerical Simulation Techniques in Coastal and Ocean Engineering
EOC 6934 Advanced Topics in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering: Hydro Models Estuarine & Coast*
GIS 5306 Geographic Information Systems Applications in Environmental Systems
GLY 6826 Hydrogeologic Modeling
MET 6752 Spatial Analysis of Atmospheric Data using GIS
OCP 6168 Data Analysis Techniques for Coastal and Ocean Engineers
SWS 5721 GIS in Land Resource Management*

Topic 6

Hydrologic Policy & Management
AEB 6453 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
AEB 7453 Natural Resource Economics
CPO 6795 Environmental Politics
CPO 6796 Water Politics
EES 6051 Advanced Environmental Planning and Design
ENV 5075 Environmental Policy
ENV 6441 Water Resources Planning and Management
FNR 6669 Policy & Economics of Natural Resources*
INR 6352 International Environmental Relations
LAA 6382 Ecological and Environmental Policy
LAW 6460 Land Use Planning and Control
LAW 6470 Environmental Law
LAW 6472 Natural Resources Law
LAW 6930 Water Law
PUP 6006 Policy Evaluation
SWS 5208 Sustainable Agricultural and Urban Land Management*
SWS 5246 Water Resource Sustainability
URP 6421 Environmental Land Use Planning and Management
URP 6429 Natural Resources Planning and Management