Lunch by the Water

The UF Water Institute Lunch by the Water is a monthly seminar series that allows graduate students to present their ongoing research to a broad and diverse audience of water scientists. While enjoying lunch, attendees have a chance to network with Water Institute faculty and other graduate students, fostering an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among colleagues with a mutual interest in water-related issues.

Join in person at Frazier-Rogers Hall Room 122 or via Zoom.



11:45am-12:45pm / Frazier-Rogers Hall Room 122

January 26

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Lindsey Cromwell
School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences (SFFGS)
“Controls on the Spatial and Temporal Variability of Solutes in Florida’s Karst Springs”

Copeland Cromwell
Department of Geological Sciences
“Investigating Decadal Changes to Wave-Driven Longshore Sediment Transport in the Georgia Bight and Linkages to Changes in the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation”

March 1

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Sanneri Santiago
Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment (ESSIE)
“The Role of Seasons and Extreme Weather Floods on the Transport and Accumulation of PFAS in a Coastal Lagoon”

Josue St Fort
School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE)
“Low-Volume Sprinklers for More Sustainable Water Use in Florida Strawberry Production”

March 29

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Jenna Reimer
School of Natural Resources and Environment/Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences (SNRE/SWES)
“Isotope Enrichment Increases Along the Salinity Gradient of an Urbanizing Estuary”

Sukhveer Singh Bhullar
“Integrating different precision ag techniques for optimizing N use, water quality, and corn yield”

April 26

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Alexis Jackson
Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment (ESSIE)
“Connecting Hydrology and Soil Organic Carbon Storage in Southeastern US Flatwoods Wetlands”

Lauren Hintenlang
Environmental and Global Health (EGH)
“The Effects of Shell Parasitism on Shell Dissolution Rates in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica”


The Lunch by the Water Seminar Series is led by Water Institute Ambassadors Gabrielle Quadrado and  Paul Donsky (learn more about Gaby and Paul here)

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