Lunch by the Water

The UF Water Institute Lunch by the Water is a monthly seminar series that allows graduate students to present their ongoing research to a broad and diverse audience of water scientists. While enjoying lunch, attendees have a chance to network with Water Institute faculty and other graduate students, fostering an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among colleagues with a mutual interest in water-related issues.


11:45am-12:45pm / 210 PUGH HALL


Seminar Kick-off with Water Institute Assistant Director Dr. Paloma Carton de Grammont

Joshua Benjamin
Biology Department
Longitudinal changes in fish assemblages, macroinvertebrate communities, and trace element concentrations in an Afrotropical River

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Nick Chin
Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment
Connecting red tide (Karenia brevis) bloom timing and severity to environmental conditions and across southwest Florida

Abhishek Rajan
Food and Resource Economics
Evaluating Stakeholder Preferences for Aquatic Invasive Plant Management: Evidence from a Choice Experiment in Florida


Bibek Acharya
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Comparing the Effectiveness of Four Different Rotational Production on Nitrate leaching in Sandy soils of Northern Florida

Audrey Goeckner
Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences
Evaluating the impact of urban pond discharge to ecosystem functions and microbiomes along a subtropical urban river continuum


The Lunch by the Water Seminar Series is led by Water Institute Ambassadors Gabrielle Quadrado and  Paul Donsky (learn more about Gaby and Paul here)

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