Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration has its curriculum updated and a new webpage design.

Update to the Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration Curriculum

We are thrilled to announce an exciting revision to the Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration curriculum! After thoughtful deliberation by the Hydrologic Sciences Coordinating Committee (HSCC), significant changes have been made to offer you a more diverse and flexible range of courses:

  • Expanded Course Listing: We have added new courses and diversified our offerings to provide a wider variety of options to fulfill your requirements.
  • Increased Online Options: We have incorporated more online courses to offer greater flexibility in your learning journey.
  • Enhanced Navigation: Our new curriculum webpage now features user-friendly filters that allow you to search courses by topic, department, and format.
  • Course Descriptions: To help you make informed decisions, we have included descriptions for each course. When available, a link to the course page was included.

The Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of graduate students in science and engineering who are interested in all aspects of water. The concentration emphasizes broad training but not at the expense of rigor in specific areas of expertise. Students are to gain a thorough understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of hydrologic processes while developing skills in management and policy. There are nine participating departments in four colleges.