Congratulations to the Water Institute Spring 2024 Travel Awardees Airin Akter, John Howe, Juan Torres, & Love Kumar

Congratulations to our Spring 2024 Water Institute Travel Awardees

The Water Institute congratulates Airin Akter, John Howe, Juan Torres, and Love Kumar for being awarded the Spring 2024 Water Institute Travel Awards. These awards will provide financial support to the awardees to present their water-related research at a national or international conference. Learn more about the travel awards here.

Stay tuned for future events to learn more about their research!


Airin Akter
Department of Geography
Conference: American Association of Geographers (AAG)
Presentation Title: Comparing the Spatial Patterns of Rainfall and Atmospheric Moisture for Three Major Tropical Cyclones: A Case Study of Bangladesh


John Howe
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Conference: Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Presentation Title: High Resolution Experimental Data to Study the Remobilization and Leaching of Pesticide Residues in Vegetative Filter Strips from a Mesoscale Experimental System


Juan Torres
Civil and Coastal Engineering
Conference: Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas (PECS) – 2024
Presentation Title: Effects of River Discharge on Exchange Flows at the Entrance to a Subtropical River

Love Kumar
Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences
Conference: SFS 2024 Annual Meeting – Connecting to Enhance Freshwater Science
Presentation Title: The Importance of Hydrologic Connectivity for Sustaining Ecosystem Function in the Apalachicola River Slough System

March 27, 2024