Collaborative Research: Controls on Delivery and Fate of Water, Nitrogen and Calcium in a Spring-Fed Karst River

National Science Foundation

Award Dates
03/01/2009 – 02/28/2013


Project Lead
Graham, Wendy Dimbero

Project Participants
Cohen, Matthew J
Graham, Wendy Dimbero
Martin, Jonathan Bowman

Additional Participants
Joseph Delfino
Jim Heffernam (FIU)
Ray Thomas

Goals and Objective

This funding explores the biotic and hydrology controls over riverine elemental cycles, focusing of N (of particular relevance because of high levels of N enrichment in the regional groundwater system) and Ca (relevant because the mechanisms of spring-river channel formation are unknown. In addition to developing detailed elemental budgets for these elements under different hydrologic regimes, we have leveraged this money to examine more closely the link between discharge and water age in an effort to better reconcile the links between discharge concentrations of key contaminants and the reported extremely long lags (ca. 30 years) between recharge in the springshed and discharge at the spring vent. This work is in collaboration with Florida International University.

Available Outputs

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