Florida Water and Climate Alliance

The Florida Water and Climate Alliance (FloridaWCA), a longstanding stakeholder-scientist network coordinated by the UF Water Institute, will hold its next workshop on December 20th at Orlando Utilities Commission, including topics of sea level rise, red tide, land use, as well as social impacts and adaptations.  Please contact lstaal@ufl.edu if you are interested in participating or would like additional information.

FloridaWCA grew out of Florida’s public water supply Utilities’ interest in using location-specific climate information to reduce risk and increase resilience in their operations. Established in 2010, FloridaWCA, provides a venue for shared science, interactive dialogue, and collaborative learning between Florida water management practitioners, hydrologic scientists, climate scientists, and science communications experts. Collaborators include six major public water supply utilities, three water management districts in Florida, local government representatives and several academic organizations.

Visit the FloridaWCA website for information on activities and resources. For additional information on the FloridaWCA or to register to attend the December 20th workshop, contact Lisette Staal (lstaal@ufl.edu).