Celebrating Kevin Morris’s Contributions to the FloridaWCA

Kevin Morris, PE, BCEE, and Manager of Engineering and Projects at the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority (the Authority), has been a key collaborator of the Florida Water & Climate Alliance (FloridaWCA) for the past 10 years. Kevin is transitioning to a position at Manatee County after 21 years of working with the Authority and will be leaving his current role on the Steering Committee of the FloridaWCA. His replacement at the Authority will continue to collaborate with the FloridaWCA.

Kevin’s participation in the FloridaWCA has been pivotal to incorporating water utilities’ needs and interests into climate research and increasing its applicability to water supply management and operations. Thanks to Kevin’s dedication and commitment to the FloridaWCA, the Authority and FloridaWCA scientists co-developed the Aquifer Storage and Recovery Initiation Index, a decision support tool used by the Authority that incorporates downscaled climate projections and other variables to optimize when to withdraw stored surface water from the aquifer.

Kevin’s friendly and collaborative nature drew in additional members to the FloridaWCA and enabled the two-way learning that is the hallmark of the group. He is well known for his creative presentations, artistic analogies, wonderful sense of humor and his enthusiasm for the FloridaWCA and its mission. We thank Kevin for his expertise, passion and time that he dedicated to the FloridaWCA over the years and wish him the best of luck in his new role (and hope that he will be able to join future FloridaWCA workshops and webinars from time to time)!



January 25, 2021