The Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration (HSAC) for graduate studies is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of science and engineering graduate students who are interested in all aspects of water; i.e., occurrence and quantity, distribution, circulation, quality, and management/policy use. The HSAC program emphasizes broad and rigorous training in a wide range of areas of expertise. Course topics for the concentration include Subsurface Hydrology, Surface Hydrology, Hydrologic Chemistry, Hydrologic Biology, Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques, and Hydrologic Policy & Management.

The University of Florida Graduate School recently approved a revised, consolidated HSAC curriculum which should make completing the concentration feasible for more students. Beginning in Summer 2020, graduate students at both the Ph.D. level and Masters level will be required to complete 12 credit hours to fulfill the concentration. All graduate students will be required to complete one course from Topic 1: Subsurface Hydrology; one course from Topic 2: Surface Hydrology; and at least one course in two of the four remaining Topics (Topic 3: Hydrologic Chemistry; Topic 4: Hydrologic Ecology; Topic 5: Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques; and Topic 6: Hydrologic Policy & Management).

For the current list of approved courses and more information on the concentration, please visit the HSAC website