Water Institute faculty, students, colleagues and staff bid a fond farewell and happy retirement to Lisette Staal!

Last Friday, October 4th, Lisette Staal retired from her position as Research Coordinator III with the UF the Water Institute after more than 30 years at UF. Having worked with UF/IFAS, Latin American Studies, and UF International Center, she joined the WI Institute in 2007. Since then, Lisette has provided outstanding leadership in furthering innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary programs at the Water Institute. Her expertise in adult education, facilitation, and applied social sciences has enhanced the Institute’s collaborative learning processes and interdisciplinary efforts. She supported Faculty involved with the WI biennial Symposia, WIGF programs, and a range of projects.  For instance, Lisette’s coordination efforts led in 2010 to the establishment of The Florida Water & Climate Alliance (FloridaWCA), a stakeholder-scientist partnership committed to increasing the relevance of climate science data to support decision-making in water resource management. In recent years, Lisette’s support was key in the design and implementation of multi-institutional and participatory projects such as The Floridan Aquifer Collaborative Engagement for Sustainability (FACETS).

“I appreciate all the opportunities that working at UF, and particularly the Water Institute, has provided me….from meeting fantastic scientists, working with great colleagues and collaborative teams, to feeling like we really can make a difference in a world of “complex challenges” said Lisette Staal.  “I am very excited by new adventures on the horizon.”

“Lisette Staal has been a part of the UF Water Institute from the beginning, and has been instrumental in the success of our programs”, said Wendy Graham UF Water Institute Director. “ We appreciate her years of dedication and wish her the best in retirement. Lisette will be sorely missed!”