Join us for Dr. AJ Reisinger’s Water Institute Distinguished Scholar Seminar

“Nutrient Dynamics Along the Urban Watershed Continuum” on March 31st 3:30 pm via Zoom

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Dr. AJ Reisinger is an Assistant Professor in the Soil and Water Sciences Department (SWSD), College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. His research focuses on nutrient and energy dynamics of freshwater ecosystems and how these dynamics are affected by human activities on the landscape. His work is broadly interdisciplinary and has included efforts focused on Great Lakes fish community ecology, effects of Amazonian dams on river water quality, as well as more applied issues such as urban stream restoration and green infrastructure implementation in Maryland and Florida. In less than three years, Dr. Reisinger has built an impressive extension program at UF on urban soil and water quality that is already having impacts on water quality in developments. Dr. Reisinger is an active member of the Water Institute: he is a member of the 2022 Water Institute Graduate Fellows Faculty Cohort; serves on the Hydrologic Science Academic Concentration Coordinating Committee, participates in the Florida Water and Climate Alliance, has hosted Water Institute seminar speakers, and participated in Water Institute Symposia.