2020 Water Institute Symposium Final Plenary Topic: Navigating Turbulent Waters: Politics, Policies and Partnerships.

Panel Description: Perceptions of Florida’s waters span a broad spectrum: from the abundant to the scarce, the pristine to the polluted, the equitably shared to the improperly exploited, the eternally inviting to the newly foreboding.  Science helps us discern the truth in these matters, and illuminates the means of protecting, conserving and improving Florida’s defining natural resource.  But politics can muddy the waters.  The art and craft of developing effective policies and building constructive partnerships can harness science for informed decision-making.  Panelists will bring their extensive experience in these matters to bear on overcoming obstacles and making the most of opportunities. 

Invited Panelists
Ernie Barnett
, Executive Director, Florida Land Council
Shannon Estenoz, Vice President of  Policy & Public Affairs/ Chief Operating Officer, Everglades Foundation
Tom Frazer, Chief Science Officer, State of Florida Office of Environmental Accountability and Transparency
Jennifer Jurado, Chief Resilience Officer and Director of the Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division, Broward County Florida
Lisa Rinaman, St Johns Riverkeeper

Plenary Moderator
Dr. Les Thiele, Professor of Political Science and  Director of the Center for Adaptive Innovation, Resilience, Ethics and Science (UF CAIRES).

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