Water Institute Faculty Fellow Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson publishes new textbook: Introduction to Estuarine Hydrodynamics.

Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson published a new book, Introduction to Estuarine Hydrodynamics, which provides an overview of the hydrodynamics of estuaries and semi-enclosed bodies of water and is designed to reach an inter-disciplinary audience with only basic scientific background required. The book is the result of his experience teaching more than 30 courses on estuarine hydrodynamics, as well as his extensive collaborative work.  

Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson is a Professor in the UF Civil and Coastal Engineering Department and is currently a Program Officer in the Physical Oceanography program at the National Science Foundation. His research aims to understand estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics, focusing on the interactions between fresh and salt water, how ocean hydrodynamics impact coastal freshwater resources, as well as the impacts of sea-level rise.

Book summary:

Introduction to Estuarine Hydrodynamics provides an in-depth overview of the hydrodynamics of estuaries and semi-enclosed bodies of water. It begins by describing the typical classification of estuaries, followed by a presentation of the quantitative tools needed to study these basins: conservation of mass, salt, heat, momentum, and the thermodynamic equation of seawater. Further topics explore tides in homogeneous basins, including shallow water tides and tidal residual flows, wind-driven flows in homogeneous basins, density-driven flows, as well as interactions among tides, winds and density gradients. The book proposes a classification of semi-enclosed basins that is based on dominant dynamics, comparing forcing agents and restorative or balancing forces. Introduction to Estuarine Hydrodynamics provides an introduction for advanced students and researchers across a range of disciplines – Earth science, environmental science, biology, chemistry, geology, hydrology, physics – related to the study of estuarine systems.



April 19, 2022