Join us for Dr. Lisa Krimsky’s Water Institute Distinguished Faculty Fellow Seminar

“Water Resources in Florida: Extension at the Intersection of Science and Human Experience”

Co-hosted with Florida Sea Grant

January 25, 3:30 pm via Zoom


Dr. Lisa Krimsky is a Water Resources Regional Specialized Agent for Florida Sea Grant at the UF Indian River Research and Education Center. Dr. Krimsky provides leadership and technical expertise in the development, implementation and evaluation of water resources Extension programs related to coastal water quality and harmful algal blooms (HABs). Her Extension programs aim to: 1) improve management of coastal water quality and HABs in Florida; 2) provide resources and tools to encourage behavior change to reduce non-point sources of pollution; and 3) encourage science-based policy decisions.

Dr. Krimsky has built strong partnerships, collaborating with other Extension agents and specialists, local and state governments, other institutions, and agencies to develop and deliver relevant research-based education addressing water quality issues. She is known for her co-development of a citizen science water monitoring program, Florida WaterWatch, which has expanded from two to eleven coastal counties across the state. She also developed Extension agent trainings on communication strategies for dealing with complex water issues and frequently shares her expertise with municipal governments to mitigate harmful algal blooms throughout Florida.