Please join us in congratulating Dr. Yu for his recently awarded $1.6 million USDA/NRCS CIG grant titled “Enhancing the irrigation management in vegetable farms in Southeast US by developing root zone soil moisture maps in both high spatial and high temporal resolutions”. This grant will allow Dr. Yu and his team to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms to model the spatiotemporal variability of weather events (in a regional internet-connected weather network) and estimate the root zone soil moisture for vegetable farms in GA and FL as a function of both weather and irrigation.

Dr. Ziwen Yu is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering who applies machine learning and stochastic methods to solve hydrology problems in urban and rural settings. He is interested in the development of smart water resource management systems that use AI methods to integrate hydrological modeling, historical climate data, weather forecasts, and public engagement, to support urban and agricultural water management.

May 10, 2021