Join us for Dr. Nancy Denslow’s Water Institute Distinguished Scholar Seminar

“Ecotoxicology in the 21st Century” on February 23rd 3:30 pm via Zoom

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Dr. Nancy Denslow is a Professor in the Department of Physiological Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Denslow’s research centers around environmental toxicology with an emphasis on water contaminants. She is a recipient of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Founders Award, the highest honor that SETAC bestows upon its members, for her pioneering achievements in integrating molecular mechanisms to help define how contaminants are affecting the health and well-being of aquatic organisms. She has an extensive record of water quality and toxicology research projects funded by EPA, NIH, NSF and USGS, and has served on panels to provide scientific support for policy development at EPA and in California. Her research has generated 232 manuscripts in journals with an H-index of 62 and over 14,000 citations. Dr. Denslow collaborates widely across disciplines and has served as Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee as well as on the 2020 Water Institute Symposium Planning Committee.

She is passionate about graduate education and mentorship, and her training of students has been as significant of an accomplishment as her research publications. She has mentored many undergraduate, MS and PhD students and is her department’s most sought-after professor for the Assistant Professor Mentoring committee program.