Drs. Annable and Bean re-elected to the Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration Coordinating Committee

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mike Annable and Dr. Eban Bean have been re-elected to serve a three-year term (2020-2023) on the Hydrologic Sciences Coordinating Committee beginning Fall 2020!

The Hydrologic Sciences Coordinating Committee (HSCC) oversees the Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration program (HSAC), a unique interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of science and engineering graduate students who are interested in all aspects of water. The program emphasizes broad and rigorous training in diverse areas of expertise with an offering of more than 60 courses from the following six main topics: Subsurface Hydrology, Surface Hydrology, Hydrologic Chemistry, Hydrologic Biology, Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques, and Hydrologic Policy & Management. Currently the program has fifty-one affiliated faculty from nine participating Departments.

The Committee is comprised of six elected faculty members (one representing each of the six hydrologic sciences topics) and one elected graduate student. The Director of the Water Institute serves as an additional permanent voting member.

Dr. Eban Bean will serve as representative for the Hydrologic Chemistry topic. Eban is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist of Urban Water Resources Engineering in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. His research focuses on the evaluation of stormwater control measures (SCMs) for retention and pollutant removal.

Dr. Mike Annable will serve as the representative of the Subsurface Hydrology topic. Mike is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences. His research focuses on the physical-chemical processes related to field scale application of innovative technologies for subsurface remediation.

Dr. Sanjay Shukla, who serves as representative of the Analysis and Techniques topic, was elected as Chair of the HSCC beginning in Fall 2020.  Sanjay is a Professor in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at the Southwest Research and Education Center in Immokalee. His research focuses on agricultural best management practices for water conservation and water quality improvements and water-related ecosystem services from agriculture.

For more information on the concentration, please visit the HSAC website https://hydrology.ufl.edu/.

Interested students and faculty members can apply for the program apply here.