Introducing the 2023 UF Water Institute Faculty Fellows!

Join us in extending our congratulations to Dr. Mike Allen, Professor in the School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences, and Director of the Nature Coast Biological Station, for being named the 2023 UF Water Institute Distinguished Faculty Fellow. We also celebrate Dr. Vivek Sharma, Assistant Professor in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, who has been honored as the 2023 UF Water Institute Early Career Faculty Fellow.

Drs. Allen and Sharma are acknowledged for their commitment to advancing interdisciplinary water research, extension, and education programs, alongside their robust support of UF Water Institute Programs.

Dr. Mike Allen is a fisheries scientist who has cultivated a comprehensive research and teaching portfolio. His work encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from sustainable harvest strategies for individual species to holistic watershed approaches that enhance inshore and coastal food webs and fisheries.  His research delves into various areas, including the economics and ecology of controlling invasive species, the significance of harvest slots in protecting the most prolific breeders in fish populations, and the intricate connections between fish communities, coastal productivity, harmful algal blooms, coastal salinization, and sea-level rise.  Dr. Allen’s extensive experience spans Florida’s inland waters, from the panhandle to Lake Okeechobee, and extends to international collaborations, engaging a diverse array of stakeholders and agencies. His research, driven by practical application and scientific rigor, offers timely insights that inform managers and decision-makers.

Dr. Vivek Sharma‘s research and extension programs are dedicated to fostering long-term water resources and agricultural sustainability. His work balances environmental considerations with best management practices (BMPs), acknowledging that agricultural water management is multifaceted and often requires a systems approach to identify and develop appropriate and timely solutions.  Dr. Sharma’s primary focus lies in enhancing water use efficiency, reducing agricultural water consumption, and mitigating the downstream impacts of agricultural management practices, particularly nitrogen-related issues, on water resources and quality. Concurrently, he is dedicated to disseminating research-based knowledge through publications and extension education. Notably, Dr. Sharma plays a leadership role in two pivotal extension programs: the Florida Agricultural Soil Moisture Sensors Network and the Florida Stakeholder Engagement Program (STEP), both of which facilitate action-oriented learning of agricultural BMPs and innovative technologies.

Stay tuned for details on the dates of the 2023 Water Institute Faculty Fellows Seminars and Award Celebration.


August 21, 2023