5th UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Emily Ott
Session Name Achieving Behavior Change: Public perceptions and awareness of water conservation issues - 1
Author(s) Emily Ott,  UF AEC/CLCE (Presenting Author)
  Paul Monaghan,  UF AEC/CLCE
  Maria Morera, UF AEC
  Michelle AtKinson, UF/Manatee County Extension
  Ross Peterson, Manatee County Extension
  Community-Based Social Marketing to Increase Stormwater Pond Best Management Practices
  Stormwater ponds are increasingly considered aesthetic amenities that add value to real estate. Research has shown many homeowners are unaware of the function of these engineered structures in their residential landscapes. Homeowner preferences and landscape practices can increase nutrient loading in residential ponds and pollute the broader watershed. A Community-Based Social Marketing campaign was conducted in Manatee County, Florida to improve understanding of residential perceptions of stormwater systems and extension of best management practices (BMPs). Focus groups and a 2013 survey with a sample of Manatee county residents in a large planned development revealed opportunities to educate homeowners about stormwater ponds and non-structural BMPs for managing stormwater pond quality. A stakeholder task force of UF researchers, UF IFAS Extension, local governance and operations, landscape contractors, and residents used this social research to develop outreach strategies and materials on nutrient management and shoreline planting. Research results, outreach strategies, program impact, and future research will be discussed.