5th UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Chris Pettit
Session Name Collaborations and Partnerships
Author(s) Chris  Pettit,  Self (Presenting Author)
  Maurice Tobon,  Director of Engineering - PBCWUD
  Comparative Climate Change Adaptation In the US and Philippines
  Members of the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department have partnered with representatives of the government of the Philippines and executives from several water districts throughout the country to develop a community of partnership regarding climate change mitigation/adaptation and emergency preparedness. The partnership has included visits from the US mentors to the Philippines to undertake surveys and assessments of the participating water districts, as well as return visits from the Filipino representatives to the United States to ascertain the benefits of certain mitigation and adaptation techniques being employed by individual governmental entities as well as the SE FL Climate Change Compact. The presentation will undertake a comparative analysis of the state of acceptance of climate change impacts in the two regions, methods for implementation of the COP and corresponding action items, the viability of those steps being undertaken to address climate change and emergency preparedness in the two jurisdictions, and will offer additional suggestions regarding the expansion of such partnerships.