3rd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Miguel Morales
Session Name Posters - Water Conservation and Use 1
Category Water Conservation and Use
Poster Number 71
Author(s) Miguel Morales,  University of Florida (Presenting Author)
  James Heaney,  University of Florida
  Analysis of Non-Residential Urban Water Use Through Water Billing and Property Appraiser Databases
  The non-residential (NR) sectors are significant contributors to public water demand. For estimating NR water use, utilities have historically relied on water use coefficients developed through studies in the literature. Typically, these water use coefficients use number of employees or a variety of other measures of size. However, it is difficult to get this information in a fine enough resolution with consistent databases to differentiate between individual water users and adequately evaluate water conservation options. To overcome these challenges, this poster presents a bottom-up methodology by which to estimate NR water use through publicly available (from the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR)) spatial, physical, and economic property attribute information for every one of the 326,000 NR parcels in Florida. By estimating water use at the parcel level, this methodology provides baseline water use estimates to prioritize NR water conservation options and allows utilities to compare their utility profile with other utilities. FDOR data are available in a standard format, and include land use classification of 55 NR subsectors. Water use data for 3,172 NR parcels from two utilities were linked with FDOR data to develop average and peak water use coefficients normalized by heated building area. The parcel-level information from FDOR allows for the development of pertinent relationships to estimate the number, efficiency, and frequency of use of water using devices in the 55 NR subsectors. This bottom-up approach allows for benefit-cost analysis and subsequent optimization of water conservation options.