3rd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Kristine Kiser
Session Name Posters - Water Conservation and Use 2
Category Water Conservation and Use
Poster Number 78
Author(s) Kristine Kiser,  Artist (Presenting Author)
  “Effect” - An artist’s message to save local springs
  Many springs in Florida today are no longer a crystal clear blue; the water has reached a point of no return. Some of those springs are no longer safe for humans or animals to occupy due to the water pollutants. There is a great concern rising among water specialist on the water issue in the world and for the Florida Aquifer. The Floridan aquifer is located in the southeastern United States and is one of the world's most productive aquifers. The aquifer is Florida’s main source of clean, salt-free drinking water. It is also at risk. I created an artwork that would not only encourage me to become more familiar with the problems that the springs are in, but also make other people aware. My artwork was my inspiration to help save the local springs. Right now the algae and nitrate levels are rising causing the animal and marine life to decrease. There are nine billion people in this world and a very small percent have experienced the enjoyment that comes with a day at the springs. Most people do not understand what needs to be saved. I want my artwork to bring the knowledge to those who cannot experience the icy cold water. People need to understand what they should be saving.