University of Florida

Scientific, Organizational and Outreach Subcommittees: Committee 6

Name Affiliation Department Area of Interest Email / Website Phone / Ext
Chang Ni-Bin UCF Dept. of Environmental and Civil Engineering Environmental information systems, remote sensing, and environmental modeling Email  
Cohen Matt UF Soil & Water Science Isolated and riparian wetland ecology and biogeochemistry, soil spectroscopy, watershed-scale planning and sustainability, ecological modeling, ecological indicators Email (352) 392-1804 Ext: 348
Crow Susan UGA National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory Agricultural practices and land use effects on water quality, spatial analysis/GIS, watershed ecology Email (229) 386-7274
Davis Justin UF Civil and Coastal Engineering Coastal & estuarine interdisciplinary modeling, model integration, forecasting modeling systems, high performance computing and grid computing Email
(352) 392-1436 Ext: 1528
Jacobs Jennifer UNH Environmental Research Group Spatiotemporal land-surface water dynamics (e.g., evapotranspiration and soil-water dynamics) through experimentation and modeling Email
(603) 862-0635
Lanier Richard (Joel) NOAA Hydrology Water supply, flooding, flash flooding, areal flooding, drought and extremes Email
(850) 942-8837
Lowrance Richard USDA-ARS Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Water quality impacts of BMPs, impacts of land use on hydrologic processes in watersheds Email
(229) 386-3894
McKee Kathleen UF Soil and Water Science GIS, remote sensing, data integration Email  
Ruscher Paul FSU Meteorology Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, the planetary boundary layer, and physical and applied climatology Email
(850) 644-2752
Sickman Jim UF Soil and Water Science Watershed biogeochemistry Email
Slatton Clint UF Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil & Coastal Engineering Multiscale stochastic estimation, data fusion, information-theoretic data segmentation, sensor modeling, and remote sensing applications (especially for laser ranging and radar) Email
(352) 392-0634
Turner Allan UF Agricultural and Biological Engineering sensor technology, wireless communications, precision agriculture and robotics Email
(352) 392-1864 Ext: 237