University of Florida

Scientific, Organizational and Outreach Subcommittees: Committee 4

Name Affiliation Department Area of Interest Email / Website Phone / Ext
Annable Mike UF Environmental Engineering Sciences Contaminant and nutrient fate and transport including field methods for quantifying stores, fluxes and pathways Email
(352) 392-3294
Chasar Lia FAMU National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program Mercury in aquatic ecosystems, microbial ecology, Email (850) 942-9500 Ext: 3010
Cherrier Jennifer FAMU Environmental Sciences Institute Bio-geochemistry, Microbial Ecology, Bioremediation Email
Copeland Rick FLDEP     Email  
Delfino Joe UF Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences Water Quality and Water Chemistry Email
352) 392-9377
Frazer Tom UF Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Ecology Email (352) 392-9617 Ext : 243
Jacobs Jennifer UNH Environmental Research Group Spatiotemporal land-surface water dynamics (e.g., evapotranspiration and soil-water dynamics) through experimentation and modeling Email
(603) 862-0635
Jawitz Jim UF Soil and Water Science Minimizing human impacts on natural hydrologic ecosystems, including watersheds, wetlands, and aquifers Email
(352) 392-1951 Ext: 203
Katz Brian USGS   Geochemistry of Springs Email  
King Jeff UF Civil and Coastal Engineering   Email  
Lowrance Richard USDA-ARS Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Water quality impacts of BMPs, impacts of land use on hydrologic processes in watersheds Email
(229) 386-3894
Opsahl Steve Jones Center   Biogeochemistry Email (229) 734-4706 Ext: 248
Reddy Ramesh UF Soil and Water Science Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in wetlands, shallow lakes, estuaries, and constructed wetlands Email
(352) 392-1804 Ext: 317
Sickman Jim UF Soil and Water Science Watershed biogeochemistry Email
Zimmerman Andy UF Geological Sciences Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, aquatic paleoecology, geomicrobiology, estuarine research Email
(352) 392-0070