University of Florida

Scientific, Organizational and Outreach Subcommittees: Committee 3

Name Affiliation Department Area of Interest Email / Website Phone / Ext
Camp Parks NOAA National Weather Service Advanced weather decision-making, precipitation modeling Email  
Chang Ni-Bin UCF Dept. of Environmental and Civil Engineering Environmental information systems, remote sensing, and environmental modeling Email  
Chasar Lia FAMU National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program Mercury in aquatic ecosystems, microbial ecology Email
(850) 942-9500 Ext: 3010
Graham Wendy UF Agricultural and Biological Engineering Physical hydrology, numerical and stochastic modeling of hydrologic processess, data assimilation Email
(352) 392-1864 Ext: 120
Jacobs Jennifer UNH Environmental Research Group Spatiotemporal land-surface water dynamics (e.g., evapo-transpiration and soil-water dynamics) through experimentation and modeling Email
(603) 862-0635
Judge Jasmeet UF College of Engineering, Center for Remote Sensing Microwave remote sensing of land surface conditions, land surface process modeling, sub-surface hydrology, moisture and energy transport in soil Email
(352) 392-1864 Ext: 299
Lanier Richard (Joel) NOAA Hydrology Water supply, flooding, flash flooding, areal flooding, drought and extremes Email
(850) 942-8837
Martin Jon UF Geological Sciences Surface and groundwater interactions, fluid-rock interactions, water chemistry Email
Ruscher Paul FSU Meteorology Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, the planetary boundary layer, and physical and applied climatology Email
(850) 644-2752
Screaton Liz UF Geological Sciences Hydrogeology Email
Sheng Peter UF Civil & Coastal Engineering Coastal & estuarine interdisciplinary modeling, model integration, forecasting modeling systems, high performance computing and grid computing Email
(352) 392-1436 Ext: 1521
Welsh Pat UNF Division of Engineering, Advanced Weather Information Systems Laboratory Operational information systems delivering atmospheric data, and specifically for this project, delivering daily UCAR Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) mesoscale prognostic modeling in near-realtime to the Suwannee HO Email (906) 620-6796
Taylor Ronnie NOAA National Geodetic Survey - Bureau of Survey and Mapping Geologoical survey data standards, data management Email
(850) 245-2606