University of Florida

Scientific, Organizational and Outreach Subcommittees: Committee 1

Name Affiliation Department Area of Interest Email / Website Phone / Ext
Annable Mike UF Environmental Engineering Sciences Contaminant and nutrient fate and transport including field methods for quantifying stores, fluxes and pathways Email
(352) 392-3294  
Brown Mark UF Environmental Engineering Sciences Wetlands, ecological modeling, ecological engineering, watershed science Email
Chang Ni-Bin UCF Dept. of Environmental and Civil Engineering Environmental information systems, remote sensing, and environmental modeling Email      
Cohen Matt UF Soil & Water Science Isolated and riparian wetland ecology and biogeochemistry, soil spectroscopy, watershed-scale planning and sustainability, ecological modeling, ecological indicators Email (352) 392-1804 Ext 348  
Copeland Rick FLDEP     Email      
Delfino Joe UF Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences Water Quality and Water Chemistry Email
(352) 392-9377  
Frazer Tom UF Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Ecology Email
(352) 392-9617
Ext 243
Graham Wendy UF Agricultural and Biological Engineering Physical hydrology, numerical and stochastic modeling of hydrologic processess, data assimilation Email
(352) 392-1864
Ext 120
Grunwald Sabine UF Soil and Water Science GIS, soil-landscape modeling, geostatistics Email
Martin Jon UF Geological Sciences Surface and groundwater interactions, fluid-rock interactions, water chemistry Email
Rains Mark USF Geology Ecohydrology, hydrogeology, wetland and river systems Email
(813) 974-3310  
Reddy Ramesh UF Soil and Water Science Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in wetlands, shallow lakes, estuaries, and constructed wetlands Email
(352) 392-1804
Ext 317
Ross Mark USF Center for Modeling Hydrologic and Aquatic Systems Hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling Email
(813) 974-5838    
Screaton Liz UF Geological Sciences Hydrogeology Email
Sheng Peter UF Civil & Coastal Engineering Coastal & estuarine interdisciplinary modeling, model integration, forecasting modeling systems, high performance computing and grid computing Email
(352) 392-1436 Ext 1521