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Over 70 researchers are interested in establishing a Hydrologic Observatory in the Suwannee River Basin.   These researchers are affiliated with universities (University of Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, University of North Florida, Florida International University, Florida A & M University, University of Georgia, Princeton, Ohio State, University of New Hampshire), state agencies (Suwannee River Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Geological Survey) , Federal agencies (USDA (Tifton, Georgia), USGS, NOAA, NASA) and the Joseph W. Jones Research Center.

List of Participants

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Affiliation Name Department Area of Interest
FAMU Lia Chasar National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program Mercury in aquatic ecosystems, microbial ecology,
FAMU Jennifer Cherrier Environmental Sciences Institute Bio-geochemistry, Microbial Ecology, Bioremediation
FGS Tom Greenhalgh


Springs both on and offshore and springsheds. Water quantity and quality issues.
FIU Mike Sukop Earth Sciences Fluid dynamics in cityscapes, natural and engineered surface water bodies, and cavernous, fractured, and porous media
FLDEP Laura Morse Ground Water Protection Section Regional water supply planning, water conservation, aquifer water quality
FLDEP Rick Copeland    
FLDEP Tom Scott    
FLDEP Michael Bascom    
FLDEP Jennifer Gihring    
FLDEP Gary Maddox    
FSU Paul Ruscher Meteorology Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, the planetary boundary layer, and physical and applied climatology
FSU Steve Kish Geology Use of isotopes in geochronological and geochemical studies
FSU Bill Burnett Oceanography Applications of naturally occurring radio isotopes to address problems in the earth, marine, and environmental sciences
FSU Bill Hu Dept. of Geological Sciences Hydrogeology
FSU Henry Fuelberg Meteorology Synoptic and mesometeorology, diagnostic energy analysis of storm-environment interactions
FSU Jeff Chanton Dept. of Oceanography Chemical cycling of the major elements, carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and iron in the coastal zone and in wetlands
FSU Harry Cooper Meteorology Role of convective storms in surface vegetation-atmosphere interactions with hydrology. Satellite retrieval of downwelling solar radiation as applied to hydromet models, evapotranspiration, soil water movement and hydrology
Jones Center Steve Opsahl   Biogeochemistry
NOAA Parks Camp National Weather Service Advanced weather decision-making, precipitation modeling
NOAA Richard (Joel) Lanier Hydrology Water supply, flooding, flash flooding, areal flooding, drought and extremes
OSU Bill Mitsch Natural Resources and Environmental Science Wetland management for water quality improvement, hydrologic pulsing effects on water and wetland quality
Princeton Eric Wood Civil and Environmental Engineering Soil moisture modeling, remote sensing
SDII-Global Sam Upchurch   Hydrogeology, modeling
SRWMD David Hornsby Hydrology Spring mapping, water quality monitoring, Minimum Flows and Levels
SRWMD John Good    
SRWMD Warren Zwanka Hydrology Hydrogeology, groundwater quality
SRWMD Ron Mattson   Aquatic biology
SRWMD Ron Ceryak    
SRWMD Kirk Webster    
UCF Ni-Bing Chang Dept. of Environmental and Civil Engineering Environmental information systems, remote sensing, and environmental modeling
UCF George Yeh Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Numerical modeling, hydrology, hydraulics, and water resources
UF Mike Binford Geography Land use and environmental change, paleoecology, physical geography, remote sensing
UF Jasmeet Judge College of Engineering, Center for Remote Sensing Microwave remote sensing of land surface conditions, land surface process modeling, sub-surface hydrology, moisture and energy transport in soil
UF Andy James Soil and Water Science hydrologic modeling
UF Jon Martin Geological Sciences Surface and groundwater interactions, fluid-rock interactions, water chemistry
UF Jim Heaney Environmental Engineering Sciences Wet weather control systems, stormwater management
UF Sabine Grunwald Soil and Water Science GIS, soil-landscape modeling, geostatistics
UF Eric Triplett Microbiology and Cell Science Microbial diversity and ecology
UF Sarah Carte Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Education and outreach for improved water quality
UF Allan Turner Agricultural and Biological Engineering sensor technology, wireless communications, precision agriculture and robotics
UF Jim Jawitz Soil and Water Science Minimizing human impacts on natural hydrologic ecosystems, including watersheds, wetlands, and aquifers
UF Tom Frazer Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Ecology
UF Joe Delfino Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences Water Quality and Water Chemistry
UF Justin Davis Civil and Coastal Engineering Coastal & estuarine interdisciplinary modeling, model integration, forecasting modeling systems, high performance computing and grid computing
UF Andy Zimmerman Geological Sciences Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, aquatic paleoecology, geomicrobiology, estuarine research
UF Matt Cohen Soil & Water Science Isolated and riparian wetland ecology and biogeochemistry, soil spectroscopy, watershed-scale planning and sustainability, ecological modeling, ecological indicators
UF Mark Clark Soil & Water Science Wetlands and water quality, extension and outreach
UF Wendy Graham Agricultural and Biological Engineering Physical hydrology, numerical and stochastic modeling of hydrologic processes, data assimilation
UF Peter Sheng Civil & Coastal Engineering Coastal & estuarine interdisciplinary modeling, model integration, forecasting modeling systems, high performance computing and grid computing
UF Ed Phlips Dept. of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Biology, ecology, and management of algae and aquatic microorganisms, planktonic primary production, toxic algae
UF Thomas Obreza Soil & Water Science Management of nutrients, pesticides and wastes; Providing research-based education about soil and water resources.
UF Rafael Munoz-Carpena Ag and Bio Engineering Hydrologic modeling
UF Lou Motz Civil and Coastal Engineering Water resources, groundwater modeling
UF Ramesh Reddy Soil and Water Science Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in wetlands, shallow lakes, estuaries, and constructed wetlands
UF Mark Brown Environmental Engineering Sciences Wetlands, ecological modeling, ecological engineering, watershed science
UF Kathleen McKee Soil and Water Science GIS, remote sensing, data integration
UF Liz Screaton Geological Sciences Hydrogeology
UF Jeff King Civil and Coastal Engineering  
UF Clint Slatton Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil & Coastal Engineering Multiscale stochastic estimation, data fusion, information-theoretic data segmentation, sensor modeling, and remote sensing applications (especially for laser ranging and radar)
UF Mike Annable Environmental Engineering Sciences Contaminant and nutrient fate and transport including field methods for quantifying stores, fluxes and pathways
UF Jim Sickman Soil and Water Science Watershed biogeochemistry
UF Ken Campbell Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department Watershed hydrology and water quality
UF Bill Lindberg Dept. of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Marine ecology, behavioral ecology and crustacean biology
UGA Todd Rasmussen School of Forest Resources Fluid flow and solute transport through surface and subsurface environments, focusing on the physical, chemical, mathematical, and statistical description and quantification of hydrologic processes
UGA Alan Covich Institute of Ecology Impacts of disturbances on stream food webs
UGA Susan Crow National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory Agricultural practices and land use effects on water quality, spatial analysis/GIS, watershed ecology
UGA George Vellidis Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department Agricultural engineer; Ecological processes governing water quality dynamics
UNF Pat Welsh Division of Engineering, Advanced Weather Information Systems Laboratory Operational information systems delivering atmospheric data, and specifically for this project, delivering daily UCAR Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) mesoscale prognostic modeling in near-realtime to the Suwannee HO
UNH Jennifer Jacobs Environmental Research Group Spatiotemporal land-surface water dynamics (e.g., evapotranspiration and soil-water dynamics) through experimentation and modeling
USDA-ARS Dana Sullivan Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Remote sensing of near-surface soil properties, conservation programs to protect water quality
USDA-ARS Tom Potter Southeast Watershed Research Remote sensing, soil resources, BMPs for water quality
USDA-ARS Joseph Sheridan Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Landscape approaches to protecting water quality
USDA-ARS Richard Lowrance Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Water quality impacts of BMPs, impacts of land use on hydrologic processes in watersheds
USDA-ARS Dave Bosch Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Research Hydraulic Engineering
USDA-ARS Tim Strickland Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Soil science and water quality; mechanisms regulating nutrient transfer in ecosystems; use of stable and radioisotope methodologies, microbial ecology
USF Shawn Landry Florida Center for Community Design & Research Data integration, public information access tools, web-based software development, GPS/GIS, biological/ecological data management, stormwater infrastructure
USF Al Hine College of Marine Science Stratigraphy and sedimentary processes along continental margins
USF Arlene Laing Geology, Meteorology Computer Laboratory and Weather Station Modeling atmospheric nitrogen deposition, mesoscale convective systems, wildfire forecasting, satellite estimates of hurricane rainfall, and flash flood mitigation
USF Mark Rains Geology Ecohydrology, hydrogeology, wetland and river systems
USF Mark Ross Center for Modeling Hydrologic and Aquatic Systems Hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling
USF Mark Stewart Geology Hydrogeology, Applied Geophysics
USF Jeff Vacher Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences Wastewater Reuse Options, Urban Wet-weather BMPs
USF Len Vacher Geology Hydrogeology, Education, Quantitative Literacy
USF Sarah Kruse Geology Environmental Geophysics, Tectonophysics
USGS Hal Davis    
USGS Brian Katz   Geochemistry of Springs
USGS Gary Mahon    
USGS Peter Swarzenski Center for Coastal & Watershed Studies Chemical oceanography, coastal groundwater flux into estuaries, sediment-hosted contaminants to estuaries
UWF William Huth Marketing and Economics Financial economics; forecasting
VALST Cam Denizman Geosciences Hydrogeology, landforms formed by the dissolution of limestone, conduit trend analyses

91 Total

Key to Affiliations

  • FAMU - Florida A&M Univ.
  • FGS - Florida Geological Survey
  • FLDEP - Florida Dept of Environmental Protection
  • FSU - Florida State Univ.
  • FWCC - Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Jones Center - Joseph W. Jones Ecological Res. Ctr, Newton, GA
  • NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin
  • NOAA - Natl Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin
  • OSU - Ohio State Univ.
  • Princeton - Princeton Univ.
  • SRWMD - Suwanee River Water Mgmt District
  • UCF - Univ. of Cent. Florida
  • UF - Univ. of Florida
  • UGA - Univ. of Georgia
  • UNF - Univ. of N. Florida
  • UNH - Univ. of New Hampshire
  • USDA-ARS - US Dept of Agric-Agricultural Research Services
  • USF - Univ. of S. Florida
  • USGS - US Geological Survey
  • VALST - Valdosta State Univ.