University of Florida

A long term goal of developing a hydrologic observatory in the Suwannee River basin will be approached incrementally with multiple projects in the basin including a funded NSF proposal "Design and demonstration of a distributed sensor array for predicting water flow and nitrate flux in the Santa Fe basin" See Project Summary (42KB doc) and Appendix (2.54MB) of maps and existing data.

Hydrologic observatories (HOs) are conceived to be large-scale instrumented river basins (10,000 to 30,000 square kilometers) that will provide the coherent, multi-disciplinary, multi-scale characterization of the landscape necessary to address major environmental challenges such as eutrophication from non-point source pollution, as well as long-standing hydrologic science questions such as estimating actual evapotranspiration, groundwater recharge, or groundwater discharge to estuaries over complex spatially variable terrains.