University of Florida

Four FAWN Stations in Suwannee R Watershed

Fawn Stations - Suwannee


Location Name Latitude Longitude Start Date Facility County NWS SHEF ID
ALACHUA 29 48.164 82 24.649 4/13/1999 Dept. of Agronomy Forage Research Unit ALACHUA ALHF1
LIVE OAK 30 18.17 82 54.00 9/24/2002 NFREC SUWANEE  
BRONSON 29 24.06 82 35.22 9/24/2002 UF Dept. of Astronomy Rosemary Hill Observatory LEVY  
MACCLENNY 30 16.89 82 8.27 9/17/2002 2:00:00 PM Baker County Extension Office BAKER  

The Levy county station may not be inside the watershed…

alachua rainfall 2005There is no FAWN data before 1996.  Larry Treadway says he has a programmer person who could make custom datasets for us!

No new stations coming to our area.  3 new ones going in S. Fl and by Jax.  All FAWN stations are identical.  Funding has gone down – UF can’t fund all anymore. No plans for soil moisture. They are getting funding from SFWMD, SJWMD but waiting for funding from SRWMD.  May get new funds from DEP and FDACS too.  They want to increase instrumentation at current sites and get up to 40-45 sites statewide. Maybe will add optical rain sensors.  Want to do adjustments to ultrasonic wind sensors (getting wind speeds too high).  In future they want to add 5 new sites that are not in agriculture.  Most or all sites are within Ag LU.