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Suwannee Hydrologic Observatory University of Florida - IFAS

Base Layers and Information


Data format: SDE Feature Class


Coordinate system: Albers Conical Equal Area

Theme keywords: DLG, Hydrography, USGS, Water

Abstract: Coverage of USGS DLG hydrography features

FGDC and ESRI Metadata:

Metadata elements shown with blue text are defined in the Federal Geographic Data Committee's (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM). Elements shown with green text are defined in the ESRI Profile of the CSDGM. Elements shown with a green asterisk (*) will be automatically updated by ArcCatalog. ArcCatalog adds hints indicating which FGDC elements are mandatory; these are shown with gray text.

Identification Information:
Citation information:
Originators: USGS
Publication date: 1990s
*Geospatial data presentation form: vector digital data
*Online linkage: Server=arcsde; Service=sde1; User=base; Version=SDE.DEFAULT
Coverage of USGS DLG hydrography features
*Language of dataset: en
Time period of content:
Time period information:
Range of dates/times:
Beginning date: 1950s
Ending date: 1990s
Currentness reference:
publication date
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and update frequency: None planned
Spatial domain:
Bounding coordinates:
*West bounding coordinate: -87.650323
*East bounding coordinate: -79.821329
*North bounding coordinate: 31.045811
*South bounding coordinate: 24.460845
Local bounding coordinates:
*Left bounding coordinate: 51618.008000
*Right bounding coordinate: 798842.937500
*Top bounding coordinate: 781934.875000
*Bottom bounding coordinate: 57422.847500
Theme keywords: DLG, Hydrography, USGS, Water
Theme keyword thesaurus: none
Place keywords: Florida
Access constraints: none
Browse graphic:
Browse graphic file name: \\bis-4cgxh11\metadata\thumbnails\base.hydrographic_features_24_lines.gif
Browse graphic file type: GIF
*Native dataset format: SDE Feature Class
*Native data set environment:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Version 5.0 (Build 2195) Service Pack 2; ESRI ArcCatalog

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Data Quality Information:
Source information:
Source citation:
Citation information:
7 1/2" USGS Quadrangle Maps
Source scale denominator: 24,000
Type of source media: Mylar
Process step:
Process description:
The polygon and line DLG coverages of hydrography features for 
each 1:24,000 dlg coverage for the state of Florida were converted to 
ARC/INFO coverages then mapjoined, cleaned, and built into individual
coverages.  The coverages were projected to Albers Equal Area projection
using A/I 7.0.3 for the DEC/Alpha.  The coverages were inserted tile by 
tile into the water_quad library.
Process software and version: ARC/INFO 7.0.3
Process date: 11/04/96
Process contact:
Contact information:
Contact organization primary:
Contact person:
Contact organization: USGS
Contact voice telephone: 800/USA-MAPS
Process step:
Process description:
Coverage PROJECTed from NAD27 to HPGN.
Process software and version: ARC/INFO 7.0.4
Process date: Spring 1997
Process step:
Process description:
Shapefile created from the library layer, SHAPEARCed and UNSPLIT to remove pseudonodes.
Process software and version: ARC/INFO 7.2.1
Process date: Summer 1999
Process step:
Process description:
Shapefile of this dataset inserted into Spatial Database Engine.
Process software and version: SDE 3.0.2
Process date: August 1999

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Spatial Data Organization Information:
*Direct spatial Rreference method: Vector
Point and vector object information:
SDTS terms description:
*SDTS point and vector object type: String
*Point and vector object count: 1252188
ESRI terms description:
*ESRI feature type: Simple
*ESRI feature geometry: Polyline
*ESRI topology: FALSE
*ESRI feature count: 1252188
*Spatial index: TRUE
*Linear referencing: FALSE

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Spatial Reference Information:
Horizontal coordinate system definition:
Coordinate system name:
*Projected coordinate system name: Custom
*Geographic coordinate system name: GCS_North_American_1983_HARN
Map projection:
*Map projection name: Albers Conical Equal Area
Albers conical equal area:
*Standard parallel: 24.000000
*Standard parallel: 31.500000
*Longitude of central meridian: -84.000000
*Latitude of projection origin: 24.000000
*False easting: 400000.000000
*False northing: 0.000000
Planar coordinate information:
*Planar coordinate encoding method: coordinate pair
Coordinate representation:
*Abscissa resolution: 0.000500
*Ordinate resolution: 0.000500
*Planar distance units: meters
Geodetic model:
*Horizontal datum name: North American Datum of 1983
*Ellipsoid name: Geodetic Reference System 80
*Semi-major axis: 6378137.000000
*Denominator of flattening ratio: 298.257222
Vertical coordinate system definition:
Altitude system definition:
*Altitude resolution: 1.000000
*Altitude encoding method: Explicit elevation coordinate included with horizontal coordinates

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Entity and Attribute Information:
Detailed description:
Entity type:
*Entity type type: Feature Class
*Entity type count: 1252188
*Attribute label: LENGTH
*Attribute alias: LENGTH
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 23
*Attribute scale: 5
*Attribute label: MAJOR1
*Attribute alias: MAJOR1
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MINOR1
*Attribute alias: MINOR1
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MAJOR2
*Attribute alias: MAJOR2
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MINOR2
*Attribute alias: MINOR2
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MAJOR3
*Attribute alias: MAJOR3
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MINOR3
*Attribute alias: MINOR3
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MAJOR4
*Attribute alias: MAJOR4
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MINOR4
*Attribute alias: MINOR4
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MAJOR5
*Attribute alias: MAJOR5
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: MINOR5
*Attribute alias: MINOR5
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 8
*Attribute precision: 11
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: SHAPE
*Attribute alias: SHAPE
*Attribute definition:
Feature geometry.
*Attribute definition source:
*Attribute type: Geometry
*Attribute width: 4
*Attribute precision: 0
*Attribute scale: 0
Attribute domain values:
*Unrepresentable domain:
Coordinates defining the features.
*Attribute label: OBJECTID
*Attribute alias: OBJECTID
*Attribute type: OID
*Attribute width: 4
*Attribute precision: 10
*Attribute scale: 0
*Attribute label: SHAPE.LEN
*Attribute alias: SHAPE.LEN
*Attribute type: Double
*Attribute width: 0
*Attribute precision: 0
*Attribute scale: 0
Overview description:
Entity and attribute overview:

For attribute code descriptions refer to the information at the end of
this document.  This information is from the "Digital line Graphs from
1:24,000-scale maps" published by the User Services Branch, National
Cartographic Information Center, USGS.

Feature		     Nodes

		050	0001	Upper origin of stream
			0002	Upper origin of stream at 
				water body
			0003	Sink, channel no longer evident
			0004	Stream entering water body
			0005	Stream exiting water body


		050	0200	Shoreline
			0201	Manmade shoreline
			0202	Closure line
			0203	Indefinite shoreline
			0204	Apparent limit
			0205	outline of a Carolina bay
			0206	Danger curve
			0207	Apparent shoreline
			0208	Sounding datum
			0209	Low water line
			0299	Processing line

		     Points (degenerate lines)

		050	0300	Spring
			0301	Non-flowing well
			0302	Flowing   well
			0303	Riser
			0304	Geyser
			0305	Windmill
			0306	Cistern

		     Multiple element types

		050	0400	Rapids
			0401	Falls
			0402	Gravel pit or quarry filled with water
			0403	Gaging station
			0404	Pumping station
			0405	Water   intake
			0406	Dam or weir
			0407	Canal lock or sluice gate
			0408	Spillway
			0409	Gate (flood, tidal, head, check)
			0410	Rock
			0411	Crevasse
			0412	Stream
			0413	Braided stream
			0414	Ditch or canal
			0415	Aqueduct
			0416	Flume
			0417	Penstock
			0418	Siphon
			0419	Channel in water area
			0420	Wash or ephemeral drain
			0421	Lake  or  pond
			0422	Coral reef
			0423	sand in open water
			0424	Spoil area
			0425	Fish   ladders
			0426	Holiday   area

Descriptive		     multiple element types

		050	0601	Underground
			0602	overpassing
			0603	Elevated
			0604	Tunnel
			0605	Right bank
			0606	Left bank
			0607	Under construction
			0608	Salt
			0609	Unsurveyed
			0610	Intermittent
			0611	Abandoned or discontinued
			0612	Submerged or sunken
			0613	Wooded
			0614	Dry
			0615	Mineral or hot (sulphur, alkali,
			0616	Navigable, transportation
			0617	Underpassing
			0618	Earthen construction
			0621-	Decimal fractions in
			0629	feet or meters

		050	0000	Photorevised feature

Parameter		     multiple element types
		05N	----	Water surface elevation 
				N=l for feet, 2 for meters, 6 for
				feet below datum, and 7 for whale
				meters below datum%.  Elevation
				value in four spaces, right 
		053	0---	Angle of clockwise rotation
				(nearest whole degree)
		055	----	River mile, value in four spaces
				right justified
		058	0000	Best estimate of classification
				or position
		059	00--	coincident feature

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Distribution Information:
Resource description: USGS Hydrography (24k/lines)

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Metadata Reference Information:
*Metadata date: 20030527
*Language of metadata: en
Metadata contact:
Contact information:
Contact organization primary:
Contact person: GIS Section
Contact organization: Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Contact address:
Address type: mailing and physical address
2600 Blair Stone Rd
Twin Towers MS 6520
City: Tallahassee
State or province: FL
Postal code: 32399-2400
Contact voice telephone: 850/245-8238
*Metadata standard name: FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
*Metadata standard version: FGDC-STD-001-1998
*Metadata time convention: local time
Metadata extensions:
*Online linkage:
*Profile name: ESRI Metadata Profile

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Binary Enclosures:
Enclosure type: Base64
Original file name: base.hydrographic_features_24_lines.wri
Description of enclosure:

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