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Understanding mental models of Springs Working Group members
Goals and Objectives
We plan to conduct interviews with Springs Working Group (SWG) coordinators and regularly attending members to understand: 1. How they perceive the health of the springs, 2. How they perceive the working group, 3. What factors they believe are responsible for algae in springs. We will explore the variation among 6 SWGs and within groups based on a stratfied purposeful sample of members' vocations. We also plan to field test short explanations of systems and system surprise with students to determine if we can effectively teach these concepts in a way that matters.
Planned Outputs
Article on public perceptions and springs health.
Article on teaching Systems Thinking.
Article on Working Groups and their benefits from a Reasonable Person Model framework
Presentation at ISSRM Conference, June 2011
We intend to analyze our data and decide if we need more data to understand SWGs, if so we will launch a survey of members. We plan to write an article about the potential of SWGs for adaptive management and a proposal to develop and implement educational strategies that affect considerations of systems and adaptive management. We will ascertain our ability to teach about systems and decide if our presentation is appropriate for SWGs.
Available Outputs

Title: Monroe, M. C., R. Plate, and A. Oxarart. 2013. Intermediate collaborative adaptive management strategies build stakeholder capacity. Ecology and Society 18(2): 24.
Authors: Monroe, M. C., R. Plate, and A. Oxarart.

Title: Report to the UF Water Institute: Study on Springs Basin Working Groups
Authors: Plate, R., Monroe, M. and A. Oxarart

Title: Roundtable presentation at NAAEE Conference, October 2010
Project Lead
Monroe, Martha Carrie
Additional Participants
Mark Brown
Matthew Cohen
Annie Oxarart
Level 4: WI PIF Related Project
Water and Society
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Partner Name(s)
Springs Working Groups
Grant Award Dates
5/15/2006 to 6/30/2020