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Sediment Transport through Tidal Inlets During Extreme Forcing: Erosion or Accretion?
Goals and Objectives
Coastal water bodies are increasingly experiencing adverse water quality conditions largely due to anthropogenic loading of pollutants and excess nutrients. Tidal flushing is one of the main mechanisms that determines the residence time of these pollutants. Projected adverse impacts of climate change include noticeable changes to the hydrologic cycle, freshwater runoff, and ocean storm intensity, which could substantially alter the delivery rate and residence time of pollutants in coastal water bodies. At present time, the question of whether storms (tropical or extratropical) transport sediment toward land or toward the ocean through a tidal inlet remains unanswered. Specifically, there are 3 interrelated questions that are unknown: 1) In what direction (onshore or offshore) is the net sediment transport through an inlet during extreme forcing conditions? 2) What is the spatial structure (variability in the direction perpendicular to the transport) of such net sediment transport across the inlet? 3) Is this extreme-forcing transport greater or smaller than that produced by routine forcing like tides? The answer to these questions requires the participation of experts in sediment transport observations, current velocity measurements, wave measurements and theoretical and numerical modeling of flow and sediment dynamics. This study included instrument deployments of instrumentation already in our possession and shipboard surveys at Ponce de Leon Inlet, on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Shipboard surveys were conducted to determine the optimal location for instrument deployments. Observations were complemented by numerical simulations to extend findings to different systems and various forcing conditions.
Planned Outputs
Project Report
Published Articles
Available Outputs

Title: Residual exchange flow in subtropical estuaries, Estuaries and Coasts, 32:54–67, doi:10.1007/s12237-008-9112-1, 2009
Authors: Valle-Levinson, A., Gutierrez de Velasco, G., Trasviña, A., Souza, A.J., Durazo, R. and A. J. Mehta

Title: Response of residual fows to two tropical storms in a subtropical tidal inlet, submitted to J. Geophys. Res.
Authors: Waterhouse, A., B. Tutak, A. Valle-Levinson, and P. Sheng

Title: Subtidal flow and its variability at the entrance to a subtropical lagoon, Cont. Shelf Res., 29, 2318-2332, 2009
Authors: Murphy, P., Waterhouse, A., Penko, A. , Hesser, T. and A. Valle-Levinson

Title: Modulation of tidal residual flows in a North-Florida Inlet. Amy Waterhouse, Arnoldo Valle-Levinson. Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas held in Liverpool in August 2008.
Authors: Waterhouse et al.

Title: Safak, I., Sheremet, A., Valle-Levinson, A., Waterhouse, A.F. Variation of overtides by wave enhanced bottom drag in a North Florida tidal inlet. Cont. Shelf Res (30) 1963-1970.
Authors: Safak et al.

Title: Sediment Transport through Tidal Inlets During Extreme Forcing: Erosion or Accretion?, Final Report
Authors: Valle-Levinson, A. Et al

Title: Spatial Structure of Tidal and Residual Flows at a Tidal Inlet. Amy Waterhouse, Arnoldo Valle-Levinson. Ocean Sciences meeting in Orlando in March of 2008
Authors: Valle-Levinson et al.

Title: Tides in a System of Connected Estuaries, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 41, 946-959, 2011
Authors: Waterhouse, A. F., Valle-Levinson, A. and C.D. Winant

Title: Transverse structure of subtidal flow in a weakly stratified subtropical inlet. Cont. Shelf. Res., 30, 281-292, 2010.
Authors: Waterhouse, A. and A. Valle-Levinson

Title: Water Institute Munch Bunch Seminar 2009 abstract

Title: Water Institute Munch Bunch Seminar 2009 presentation
Project Lead
Valle-Levinson, Arnoldo
Additional Participants
Amy Waterhouse
Tian Jian Hsu
Alex Sheremet
John Yeager
Coastal Zones
Level 4: WI PIF Related Project
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Grant Award Dates
5/15/2006 to 6/30/2020