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Coupling of Advanced Oxidation and Adsorption Processes onto Silica-Titania Composites for Low Level Capture of Metals from Water Effluents
Goals and Objectives
In order to adequately protect aquatic ecosystems as well as human health, efforts have focused on decontamination of natural aquatic systems and wastewater containing elevated toxic metals. Commercially available sorbents for metal removal from water simply transfer a liquid-phase pollution problem to a solid waste problem. Furthermore, they are incapable of achieving effluent concentrations in low ppb and/or ppt range. The goal of this project was to investigate the effectiveness of a novel regenerable material, Silica-Titania Composites (STC) for removal of toxic metals from water. The STC technology is robust and can be easily tailored, thus having the potential of treating metal-laden water from a variety of sources (e.g., urban wastewater, industrial process, etc.). Our long-term objective is to target metals in the current EPA's priority pollutants list, but for this seed grant program, we will focus on mercury (Hg) as a case study.
Available Outputs

Title: Coupling of Advanced Oxidation and Adsorption Processes onto Silica-Titania Composites for Low Level Capture of Metals from Water Effluents, Mazyck et al, Final Report
Authors: Mazyck, D., Bonzongo, J. and L. Ma

Title: Investigations of photochemical transformations of aqueous mercury: Implications for water effluent treatment technologies. Water Research, Volume 43, Issue 17, September 2009, pp. 4278-4284.
Authors: Byrne, H., Borello, A., Bonzongo, J., and D. Mazyck

Title: Removal of Trace Level Aqueous Mercury by Adsorption and Photocatalysis on Silica-Titania Composites. Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 170, Issue 2-3, October 2009, pp. 915-919.
Authors: Byrne, H., and D. Mazyck

Title: Tailorable High Surface Area Silica-Titania Composites for the Removal of Trace Level Aqueous Mercury. 9th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. Guiyang, China. June 2009.
Authors: Byrne, H., and D. Mazyck
Project Lead
Mazyck, David W
Additional Participants
Jean-Claude Bonzongo
Lena Ma
Level 4: WI PIF Related Project
Food, Energy and Water
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
5/15/2006 to 6/30/2020