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St. Johns River Water Management District Water Supply Planning Area Groundwater Modeling Subgroup Facilitation
Goals and Objectives
Every five years the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) prepares a District Water Supply Assessment (WSA) and District Water Supply Plan (DWSP). The SJRWMD uses groundwater flow models to predict groundwater level change in the Northeast Florida aquifer systems that would occur if the additional water use forecast for the region was obrained strictly from groundwater. The predicted groundwater level changes in the aquifer systems are the basis for the determination of Priority Water Resource Caution Areas.

The SJRWMD contracted with the University of Florida Water Institute to facilitate a Groundwater Modeling Subgroup for the 2010 Water Supply Planning Process. The purpose of the Groundwater Modeling Subgroup was to assess the groundwater models used in support of the St. Johns River and Suwannee River Water Management Districts’ planning process for the Northern Planning Area, to identify weaknesses in the models that significantly limit the models’ acceptability, and to recommend improvements (if necessary) to make the models acceptable.
Available Outputs

Title: St Johns River and Suwannee River Water Management Districts 2010 Water Supply Plan Groundwater Modeling Subgroup Final Report
Authors: Graham W. and L. Staal
Project Lead
Graham, Wendy Dimbero
Project Participants
Graham, Wendy Dimbero
Additional Participants
Lisette Staal, UF Water Institute
Level 3: WI Directed Project
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
6/24/2009 to 9/30/2010