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St. Johns River Water Management District: Technical Symposia on St. Johns River Water Supply Impact Study
Goals and Objectives
The UF Water Institute hosted two technical symposia for the St. Johns River Water Management District on Sept. 17–18, 2008, and Sept. 23–24, 2009. The purpose of the symposia was for the District’s scientists and its outside experts to discuss the District’s investigation of potential effects of withdrawing water from the St. Johns and Ocklawaha Rivers for public water supply. In this investigation District engineers and scientists are studying possible scenarios and their potential ecological impacts to ensure estimated withdrawals would not have significant adverse effects on these rivers' systems if permitted.

The symposia agendas featured presentations by the lead scientists and members of technical working groups conducting the investigations, followed by group discussion. The meetings provided opportunities for experts with diverse areas of expertise to collaborate and discuss preliminary findings of the study and to become more fully aware of the interrelated aspects of the study.

The meetings were open to the public to allow members of the public to remain informed about the District's efforts. The public was invited to offer comments at the close of each day's session, and an e-mail address for submitting written comments to the District.
Planned Outputs
Technical Symposium 2008
Technical Symposium 2009
Project Lead
Graham, Wendy Dimbero
Project Participants
Graham, Wendy Dimbero
Additional Participants
Mary Garvin
Level 3: WI Directed Project
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
7/10/2008 to 9/18/2008