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Goals and Objectives
The St Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD), in collaboration with Wetland Solutions Inc. (WSI) and the University of Florida Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (UFDFAS) conducted an evaluation of the ecological health of Silver Springs located in Marion County, Florida. The field work was conducted from late 2003 through early 2005. This effort was funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) as part of the Florida Springs Initiative. This Fifty-Year Retrospective Study of the Ecology of Silver Springs was intended to provide an assessment of land use and water quality changes in Silver Springs and a development of causeand-effect relationships, if any, to the springs’ ecology. The scope of this study was to review and summarize the data that are currently available for the upper 0.75 miles (1,200 m) of the Silver River, collect additional data as needed for comparison to historical data, and develop linkages between springshed land use changes and the ecology of Silver Springs.
Available Outputs

Title: Fifty-year Retrospective Study of the Ecology of Silver Springs, Florida
Authors: Munch, D.A., Toth, D.J., Ching-tzu, H., Davis, J., Fortich, C.M., Osburn, W.L.

Title: Primary producers and nutrient loading in Silver Springs, FL, USA.
Authors: Quinlan, E.L., E.J. Phlips, K.A. Donnelly, C.H. Jett, P. Sleszynski, S. Keller
Project Lead
Phlips, Edward J
Project Participants
Phlips, Edward
Additional Participants
Micheal Allen
H. Ching-tzu
P. Cooney
J.B. Davis
C.M. Fortich
Bob Knight
D.A. Munch
W.L. Osburn
E.L. Quinlan
D.J. Toth
M.J. Woods
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Grant Award Dates
2/24/2004 to 6/30/2005