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Risk Reduction for Specialty Crops in the Southeastern U.S.A.
Goals and Objectives
The overall goal of this program is to enhance and to improve the sustainability of the AgroClimate web-based tools that provide climate forecast information to producers and to provide risk management decision aids for use in the specified specialty crop commodities and forestry. The specific objectives for this two-year continuation are:

1. Develop an AgroClimate open source project and community of cooperators to enhance its sustainability and facilitate its adoption by other states.
2. Develop tools, databases, and processes to update AgroClimate forecasts at a weekly or monthly frequency
3. Analysis of North Carolina stakeholder characteristics
4. Hold workshops in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama to better acquaint extension agents and farmers with the new AgroClimate and its tools
5. Hold a final peer review panel to assess accomplishments
6. Prepare final project report to RMA
Planned Outputs
Analysis of data from North Carolina to facilitate impact assessment of AgroClimate after its implementation in this new state
Community of AgroClimate developers and users that will facilitate broader contributions to the evolution and adoption of this climate risk management system
Enhanced crop risk forecast tools that address requests that we have received from many users
Project Lead
Jones, James W
Project Participants
Jones, James W
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water and Climate
Grant Award Dates
9/27/2002 to 9/30/2012