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Optimal Toliet Retrofit Program Evaluation: Optimization and Reliability of Selected Indoor Water Conservation Retrofits
Goals and Objectives
To assist water managers and utilities develop regional water supply plans based on parcel-level data to create a basis for bottom up assessment, best management practice options are evaluated including the retrofitting of toilets, replacing old toilets with high water efficiency ones. Prior to 1983, typical toilets used 5 gallons per flush. After 1994 the national plumbing code standard was 1.6 gallons per flush.
Available Outputs

Title: Masters Thesis: Evaluation of indoor urban water use and water loss management as conservation options in Florida
Authors: Friedman, K.R.

Title: Water demand management optimization methodology. 2011. American Water Works Association 103(9): 74-84.
Authors: Friedman, K., J.P. Heaney, M. Morales, J. Palenchar
Project Lead
Heaney, James
Project Participants
Heaney, James
Additional Participants
K.R. Friedman
M.A. Morales
J. Palenchar
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
3/31/2011 to 3/30/2014