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The Blackwater River: Adaptively Managing for a Sustainable Watershed
Goals and Objectives
The UF Levin College of Law Conservation Clinic has been assisting the Blackwater River Foundation, a private foundation that seeks to educate the public about the watershed and protect it for future generations. The Blackwater River lies within the Florida Panhandle, to the east of Pensacola. Its headwaters originate in southern Georgia and Alabama, and much of the watershed is made up of federal and state lands, including Eglin Air Force Base, along with several large private landholdings. The River, which discharges into Blackwater Bay and the Yellow River Marsh Aquatic preserve, has been designated an Outstanding Florida Water. The Blackwater River is also noteworthy as it is one of the few remaining shifting sand bottom streams in its natural state for nearly its entire length. Stakeholder concerns include recreational over-use and abuse, changing river morphology due to current and historic land use, including the removal of woody material for flood control and bridge safety. There are also water quality concerns, including impairments due to high levels of coliforms and mercury along some stretches of the River.
Available Outputs

Title: An Analysis of the Regulatory and Practical Significance of an Outstanding Florida Water Designation. Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2 (Winter 2009/2010)
Authors: Ankersen, T., Richard Hamann, Rachel King, Megan Wegerif, John November

Title: Presentation: The Blackwater River Watershed: Moving Toward a Sustainabile Future
Authors: Hall, H., S. Blair

Title: Technical and Policy Report: Blackwater River Adaptive Watershed, Summary and Conclusions
Authors: Blair, S., A. Cathey, A. Darrow, H. Hall, K. Martinez, A. Pinzino

Title: Technical Report: The Blackwater River Watershed. 2010.
Authors: Hall, H., S. Blair, K. Martinez, A. Cathey, M. Brown
Project Lead
Ankersen, Thomas T
Project Participants
Ankersen, Thomas T
Additional Participants
Susanna Blair
Megan Brown
A. Darrow
Hollie R. Hall
Richard Hamann
Rachel King
K. Martinez
John November
A. Pinzino
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
1/19/2010 to 5/31/2010