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Wood to Energy: A Training Program Utilize Interface Fuels for Bioenergy
Goals and Objectives
Woody biomass is one potential renewable energy source that is technically feasible where environmental and economic factors are promising. It becomes a realistic option when it is also socially acceptable. Public acceptance and support of wood to energy proposals require community education and outreach. When our community explored using wood for electricity production, we took this opportunity to develop programmes that would enable people to learn and participate in the discussion. We recognised that citizens have time constraints and little relevant background knowledge about this issue, but that they also had sincere and important concerns.
Available Outputs

Title: Using Community Forums to Enhance Public Engagement in Environmental Issues
Authors: Monroe, Martha C., Annie Oxarart, Lauren Mcdonell and Richard Plate

Title: Woody biomass outreach in the southern United States: A case study
Authors: Oxarart, A., Martha C. Monroe
Project Lead
Monroe, Martha Carrie
Project Participants
Monroe, Martha Carrie
Sanford, Ann Whitney
Additional Participants
Lauren McDonnell
Annie  Oxarart
Richard Plate
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
3/9/2005 to 6/1/2009