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Phosphorus Retention and Storage by Isolated and Constructed Wetlands in the Lake Okeechobee Basin
Goals and Objectives
Small historically isolated wetlands, which are a common feature throughout the Okeechobee Basin cover about 12,000 ha of the four priority sub-basins. These systems (about 50%) are presently ditched and drained. Hydrologic restoration of these wetlands may help to provide water storage and long-term phosphorus (P) retention within OkeechobeeĆ¢?Ts four priority basins. In addition, constructed wetlands strategically placed in the watershed can also aid in increasing P retention. Objectives: 1. quantify P storage in historically isolated wetland soils at the landscape-scale 2. determine soil characteristics and processes responsible for effective P storage in historically isolated wetland soils 3. determine efficacy of hydrological restored isolated wetlands to store and retain P from cow-calf operations, and to determine subsurface phosphorus transport 4. measure P assimilation rates and equilibrium P concentrations of wetland soils 5. determine the effect of fluctuations in hydrology on P flux 6. optimize on farm constructed wetlands to increase P removal performance using pilot scale studies 7. review current hydrologic and P models for adaptation to the Okeechobee Drainage Basin and use these models to simulate P retention capacity 8. communicate the findings and experiences gained during this project to dairy farmers and beef cattle ranchers through extension media
Available Outputs

Title: Influence of hydropattern and vegetation type on phosphorus dynamics in flow-through wetland treatment systems
Authors: Moustafa, M.Z., White, J.R., Coghlan, C.C. and K.R. Reddy

Title: Phosphorus Retention and Storage by Isolated and Constructed Wetlands in the Okeechobee Drainage Basin, FDACS Contract No. 006943 (pdf)
Authors: Reddy et al.

Title: Spatial monitoring of a non-stationary soil property: phosphorus in a Florida water conservation area
Authors: Marchant, B.P., Newman, S., Corstanje, R., Reddy, K.R., Osborne, T.Z. and R.M. Lark
Project Lead
Reddy, Konda R
Project Participants
Annable, Michael D
Reddy, Konda R
Additional Participants
Michael Annable
J. Bhada
C. Bohall
C. Catts
Mark Clark
T. A. DeBusk
Ed Dunne
Sabine Grunwald
K. Hamilton
James Jawitz
Kathleen McKee
A. Olsen
D. Perkins
Y. Wang
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Grant Award Dates
8/25/2006 to 8/24/2007