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Dissecting Mortality Components for Recreational Fisheries with High Rates of Released Fish
Goals and Objectives
The purpose of this study is to assess the components of fishing mortality for fish populations with high rates of angler release and to evaluate the potential impact of all sources of fishing mortality on largemouth bass populations. To understand the general overall assumptions of size specific mortality our first objective is to evaluate directed fishing mortality due to harvest for largemouth bass in a large number of Florida lakes. Our second objective is to measure the components of total mortality including a) natural mortality, b) total fishing mortality including harvest, catch-and-release (discard deaths) and tournaments (discard deaths) components in two large lake systems. The second object will then estimate the specific portions of mortality and serve as an example for designing new methodologies for recreational fisheries where directed harvest is only one component of the fishing-related mortality. This study is funded by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and they are cooperating on all phases of the project. Ph.D. Student Janice Kerns.
Available Outputs

Title: Components of Mortality within a High-Release Recreational Fishery. Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, Minneapolis, MN. Aug 19-23, 2012.
Authors: Kerns, J., Allen, M.S., Hightower, J.E.
Project Lead
Allen, Micheal S
Project Participants
Allen, Micheal S
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Grant Award Dates
9/24/2009 to 5/30/2013