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Assessment of Spatial Nutrient Dynamics in the Newnans Lake Watershed
Goals and Objectives
Newnans Lake is a hypereutrophic lake 10 km east of Gainesville. It drains an area dominated by low impact land uses (plantation forests, state owned lands) and yet exhibits among the worst water quality in North Florida, principally expressed as a extreme concentration of phosphorus. This work, which started in 2006 and has been ongoing, first sought to understand the source of the nutrients (principally nitrogen and phosphorus) and now is focused on refining elemental budgets for the watershed. The principal finding was that most of the P was of geologic origin, and that management activities intended to improve water quality need to focus on the mobilization of P from the Hawthorn Group, a P rich geological formation that underlies the entire Northern Highlands ecoregion of Florida and beyond. In addition to understanding the source of P enrichment, its impacts on N enrichment in the lake, and the sources of water (i.e., there is no evidence for groundwater inputs to the lake), we have recently started to explore the role of sediment diffusion in the mass balance for the lake, particularly since the surface sediments are massively enriched in soluble P.
Planned Outputs
Journal Articles
Available Outputs

Title: Final Report: Spatial Nutrient Loading and Sources of Phosphorus in the Newnans Lake Watershed
Authors: Cohen, M.J., S. Lamsal, L. Kohrnak

Title: Masters Thesis: Evidence of geologic phosphorus from groundwater seepage to Newnans Lake, Florida
Authors: Long, Lauren

Title: Poster Presentation: Land use intensity and water quality in the Newnans Lake watershed. 2010 UF Water Institute Symposium, Gainesville, FL.
Authors: Lamsal, S., M. Cohen, L. Kohrnak, L. Long
Project Lead
Cohen, Matthew J
Project Participants
Cohen, Matthew J
Additional Participants
L. Kohrnak
S. Lamsal
L. Long
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Grant Award Dates
1/9/2009 to 11/30/2010