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Collaborative Research: Interdisciplinary Approach To Understand Stable Isotopic disequilibrium in Benthic Foraminifera
Goals and Objectives
An extensive geochemical and biogeochemical examination of methane seeps in the Clam Flats area of Monterey Bay provides insight into the character of relationships between seep geochemistry and benthic foraminiferal geochemistry. The geochemistry of the pore fluids should be relevant to the geochemistry of the carbonate tests of living and dead foraminifera. In one study, a recently developed method was used to compare stable carbon isotope ratios of foraminiferal carbonate with cell ultrastructural observations from individual benthic foraminifera from seep (under chemosynthetic bivalves) and nonseep habitats in Monterey Bay, California, to better understand control(s) of benthic foraminiferal carbon isotope ratios.
Available Outputs

Title: Carbon and oxygen stable isotope geochemistry of live (stained) benthic foraminifera from the north pacific and the south Australian bight, Marine Micropaleontology, 70:89-101. 2009.
Authors: Basak, C., A. E.Rathburn, M. E. Pérez, J. B. Martin, J. W.Kluesner, L. A. Levin, P. De Deckker, M. Abriani

Title: Cold seeps in Monterey Bay, California: Geochemistry of pore waters and relationship to Benthic Foraminiferal Calcite, Applied Geochemistry, v. 26 (5) 738-746. 2011.
Authors: Gieskes, J., Rathburn, A.E., Martin, J.B., Pérez, M.E., Mahn, C., Bernhard, J.M., and Day, S.

Title: Combined carbonate carbon isotopic and cellular ultrastructural studies of individual benthic foraminifera: II. Method description. Paleoceanography, 25(2). 2010.
Authors: Bernhard,J.M., J.B. Martin, A.E. Rathburn

Title: Combined carbonate carbon isotopic and cellular ultrastructural studies of individual benthic foraminifera: II. Towards an understanding of apparent disequilibrium in hydrocarbon seeps, Paleoceanography, 25(4). 2010.
Authors: Bernhard, J.M., J.B. Martin, A.E. Rathburn
Project Lead
Martin, Jonathan Bowman
Project Participants
Martin, Jonathan Bowman
Additional Participants
C. Basak
J.M. Bernhard
J. Gieskes
C. Mahn
M.E. Perez
M.E. Rathburn
Coastal Zones
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Partner Name(s)
Indiana State University Geology Program
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Grant Award Dates
2/1/2007 to 1/31/2011