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Collaborative Research: Are Carbon Fluxes from Marine Sediments Enhanced by Submarine Ground Water Discharge?
Goals and Objectives
Water flow into estuaries is one of the primary controls on the quantities and distributions of dissolved constituents including pollutants and nutrients. Flow paths for water and associated constituents that can be easily quantified for estuaries include surface water runoff, atmospheric deposition, and evapotranspiration. One additional and potentially significant source of water that is more difficult to quantify is the submarine discharge of ground water (SGD). Previously, this term has been defined to include both marine and terrestrially derived ground water components, but the magnitude of this SGD has been poorly defined because of difficulties associated with locating and measuring the flow and perhaps by uncertainties about its composition. The marine component of SGD represents an important flux of water across the sediment–water interface. Processes that drive recirculation of seawater through sediments, or the marine SGD, and create a subterranean mixing zone also set up a critical boundary zone for diagenetic reactions.
Available Outputs

Title: A review of submarine ground water discharge: biogeochemical inputs and leaky coastlines, p. 22-41. in I.S. Zekster, R.G. Dzhamalov, and L.G. Everett, eds. Submarine Groundwater. CRC Press, ISBN: 0849335760. 512 Pp. 2006.
Authors: Cable, J., J. Martin, and M. Taniguchi.

Title: Assessing hydrologic and biogeochemical controls on pore-water dissolved inorganic carbon cycling in a subterranean estuary: A 14C and 13C mass balance approach, Mar. Chem., doi 10.1016/j.marchem.2011.07.007
Authors: Dorsett, A., Cherrier, J., Martin, J.B., Cable, J.E.

Title: Episodic high intensity mixing events in a subterranean estuary: Effects of tropical cyclones. Limnol. Oceanogr., 53(2), 2008, 666–674.
Authors: Smith,C.G., J.E. Cable, J.B. Martin

Title: Evaluating the source and seasonality of submarine groundwater discharge using a Radon-222 pore water transport model, EPSL, 273:312-322. 2008.
Authors: Smith, Christopher G., Cable, Jaye E., Martin, Jonathan B., Roy, Moutusi,

Title: Exonerating Bernouilli? Evaluating physical and biological processes affecting marine seepage meter measurements. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 4:172-183. 2006.
Authors: Cable, J. J. Martin, and J. Jaeger.

Title: Influence of sea level rise on iron diagenesis in an east Florida subterranean estuary, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2010), doi: 10.1016/j.gca.2010.07.007
Authors: Roy, M., J.B. Martin, J. Cherrier, J.E. Cable, C.G. Smith

Title: Magnitudes of submarine groundwater discharge from marine and terrestrial sources: Indian River Lagoon, Florida. Water Resources Research 43, W05440, doi:10.1029/2006WR005266. 2007.
Authors: Martin, J., J. Cable, C. Smith, M. Roy, and J. Cherrier

Title: Re-circulation of shallow lagoon water and its significance on chemical fluxes in the Banana River Lagoon, Florida. Journal of Coastal Research 23(4):878-891, doi: 10.2112/04- 0250.1 2007.
Authors: Bhadha, J., J. Martin, J. Jaeger, M. Lindenberg, and J. Cable.

Title: Submarine groundwater discharge is an important net source of light and middle REEs to coastal waters of the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, v. 75, p. 825-843. 2011
Authors: Johannesson, K.H., Chevis, D.A., Burdige, D.J., Cable, J.E., Martin, J.B., and Roy, M.

Title: Surface and Pore Water Mixing in Estuarine Sediments: Implications for Nutrient and Si Cycling.
Authors: Jehangir H. Bhadha, Jonathan B. Martin, John Jaeger Mary Lindenberg, and Jaye E. Cable

Title: Thermal and chemical evidence for rapid water exchange across the sediment-water interface by bioirrigation in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, Limnology and Oceanography, 51: 1332-1341. 2006.
Authors: Martin, J.B., J.E. Cable, J. Jaeger, K. Hartl, C.G. Smith
Project Lead
Martin, Jonathan Bowman
Project Participants
Martin, Jonathan
Additional Participants
J.E. Cable
J. Cherrier
M. Roy
C.G. Smith
Coastal Zones
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Partner Name(s)
Louisiana State University, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
Grant Award Dates
8/1/2004 to 7/31/2009