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Sr isotope ratio analysis for hydrogeological studies
Goals and Objectives
The project goal is to perform Sr isotope analyses for the St Johns River Water Management District in order to: (1) develop a methodology that might provide information about the presence or absence of hydraulic connectivity between the Upper Floridan Aquifer (UFA) and the Lower Floridan Aquifer (LFA), and (2) test whether Floridan Aquifer water is seeping into selected surface water bodies, including spring runs and lakes. The methodology for purpose (1) would also address an ancillary question of whether a middle confining unit separates the UFA from the LFA. The question of a hydrologic connection between the UFA and LFA is important for modeling flow in the Floridan Aquifer. Previous information collected by District personnel, including observations of geophysical logs, flow characteristics, and variations in measured permeability of the Floridan Aquifer rocks suggests the middle confining unit is present in certain portions of the state but missing in others.
Project Lead
Martin, Jonathan Bowman
Project Participants
Martin, Jonathan Bowman
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
3/18/2013 to 8/26/2014