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Study of Frog Pond Hydrology and Water Quality Modification
Goals and Objectives
The extensive boundary of Miami-Dade County (FL) with the Everglades National Park (ENP) is subject to the most expensive and ambitious restoration project in history. One of the elements that can help to fine-tune the balance between the many, sometimes conflicting, land uses in the area (agriculture, urban development and restoration) is an enhanced understanding of how the regional water management system (canals and structures) interact with the extremely permeable aquifer in the area. The objective of the present study was to study the interaction between the regional water management system and local hydrological conditions at the small-watershed/farm scale. This was achieved by establishing the effect of canal elevation and rainfall on local ground water flow and quality, and by calibrating and testing a field/farm watershed scale computer model as a potential management tool for the area. The Frog Pond, a small (23 km2) agricultural watershed adjacent to ENP, was selected for this study.
Planned Outputs
Final Report
Available Outputs

Title: Final Report 2003: Study of the Frog Pond area hydrology and water quality modifications introduced by the C-111 Project detention pond implementation
Authors: Muñoz-Carpena, R., Y. Li

Title: Final Report 2004: Continued monitoring of hydrological and water quality trends at the Frog Pond, Homestead, FL: Analysis of water levels and quality variation
Authors: Muñoz-Carpena, R., Y. Li

Title: Final Report: Land Cover Classification from Digital Color-Infrared Aerial Photos and GIS Parcel Database Maintenance In the Frog Pond
Authors: Muñoz-Carpena, R., K. Minkowski

Title: Presentatin: UF Frog Pond Hydrology Network: Monitoring groundwater flow and water quality along the eastern boundary of Everglades National Park
Authors: Muñoz-Carpena, R., Y. Li, K. Minkowski, F. Gonzalez, M. Morawietz
Project Lead
Munoz-Carpena, Rafael
Project Participants
Munoz-Carpena, Rafael
Additional Participants
Yuncong Li
Level 1: WI Affiliated Faculty Project
Water, Land Use and Ecosystems
Grant Award Dates
3/1/2002 to 6/30/2005