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Conserve Florida Water Conservation Clearinghouse
Goals and Objectives
Conserve Florida Water was established to assist public water supply utilities in developing goal-based water conservation programs by providing information and tools to improve water conservation initiatives. This effort includes the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the five water management districts, the Florida Rural Water Association, and organizations representing public water supply utilities. In March 2006, Conserve Florida Water selected the University of Florida to house, manage, and expand the operation and functions of the water Conservation Clearinghouse. The mission of the Conserve Florida Water Clearinghouse is to develop collaborative relationships with related programs, and to collect, analyze, and make available reliable information and technical assistance to public water supply utilities and water managers for use in developing effective and efficient water conservation programs.

UF Water Institute facilitated the development of an applied research agenda to help public water supply utilities to 1) identify tools and approaches that increase efficiency of existing and projected water use, and 2) identify practices that utilities can implement that will show quantifiable results toward addressing water use efficiency and conservation. In addition, to identifying priorities, documents synthesizing the state of the art research and research gaps in a select priority areas were produced.
Available Outputs

Title: Conservation and Drought Water Rates: State-of-the-art practices and their application
Authors: Rawls, C. and T. Borisova

Title: Conserve Florida Clearinghouse Applied Research Agenda Planning Workshop
Authors: Staal. L. et al

Title: Conserve Florida Clearinghouse Research Agenda March 2008
Authors: Staal, L. et al

Title: Conserve Florida Clearinghouse Research Agenda Update September 2009
Authors: Staal, L. et al

Title: Estimating commercial industrial and institutional water use on the basis of heated building area
Authors: Morales, M.A., Heaney, J.P., Friedman, K.R., and J.R. Martin

Title: Overview of EZ Guide for Water Conservation Evaluations
Authors: Heaney, J.P., Switt, R., Friedman, K.R., Morales, M.A., and K. Riley

Title: Residential Benchmarks for Minimal Landscape Water
Authors: Romero, C. C., and M. D. Dukes

Title: Water Demand Management Optimization Methodology
Authors: Friedman, K., Heaney, J.P., Morales, M., and J. Palenchar
Project Lead
Heaney, James
Project Participants
Beck, Howard W
Engel Jr, William T
Graham, Wendy Dimbero
Heaney, James
Hinton, Rebecca C
Additional Participants
Lisette Staal, UF Water Institute
Level 2: WI Assisted Project
Food, Energy and Water
Water and Society
Water Resources Sustainability
Grant Award Dates
4/13/2007 to 6/30/2011